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Increase your Gym Branch’s profits and improve its overall performance! 

The key? Improve your Personal Trainer’s success – simple! You’re Gym will not only gain less retention and staffing issues, but also gain an increase in it’s profits.

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How to resolve your Gym Branch’s growth barriers…

An ‘IFM partnership’ will resolve many of your typical ‘Gym Branch’ growth issues.
Some examples …

  1. Rota issues caused by Low PT recruitment and/or retention.
    IFM’s proactive PT support provides your Gym’s with a unique package to attract more PT’s. Also, IFM’s business skills training guarantees to grow your current PT’s client base, resulting in improved PT retention.
  2. Low Member retention.
    It’s been proven that a Gym Member will stay longer if they receive Personal Training. IFM’s mentoring ensures PT’s implement advanced Marketing & Sales Skills on the Gym floor, this directly improves Member experience and therefore aids the Clubs retention.
  3. Minimal revenue generated from existing PT’s.
    With a new style of staffing, many modern gyms don’t receive substantial PT revenue – IFM have developed a new & exciting way to enhance a Gym’s PT culture with up to £250,000 per annum of profit from PT revenue.


“… since Jan 2010, Spirit Health Clubs have partnered with IFM to support the development of a highly successful personal training culture within our estate…
…IFM’s successful PT recruitment & unique mentoring has resulted in measurable benefits for the majority of clubs in our estate, with a continued growth…
I can highly recommend IFM as a business partner”
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Justin Andrews BSc, MSc
UK & Ireland Ops.Manager
Spirit Health Clubs


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