CHOOSE to be SUCCESSFUL… Here’s How With IFM;

  • A variety of Gym locations across the UK.
  • Established gym chains with high footfall.
  • Regular face-to-face (1-to-1) mentoring and support.

How to Avoid the Fitness Industry Destroying Your Career as a Personal Trainer…

To Guarantee Success as a Personal Trainer earning £2,000+ per month in a Gym, ensure you’re promised the following 2 things…

  1. The Gym/PT Provider will provide you with Specific PT Business Skills

  2. 400+ Members to 1 Personal Trainer

1) Specific PT Business Skills

We’re not just talking about creating some posters & flyers for you. Essential PT Business Support must consist of;

  • Multiple Marketing Methods – that are proven to generate lots of potential clients for you.Directly contacting potential customers is the foundation of every successful PT business, and your Level 3 PT Qualification doesn’t show you how to do this effectively. You need to know…
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    …that the most effective (& easiest) way to market yourself in a gym is to be seen on the gym floor delivering quality PT sessions – but with no clients when you first start, how will you achieve this? (Approaching members with a smile and offering friendly advice, simply doesn’t work anymore). You need effective approach methods that create opportunities to interact, enabling you to confidently demonstrate your expertise and convince them of the value of using a Personal Trainer.
    Cancelled Client Opportunity & Approach Method : Approach Member – explain your client just cancelled and you had a great workout planned for them. The Club Manager has told you if you ever have a cancellation, then you must offer it to a member in the gym – rather than just standing at reception! You have 30mins left, would they like to take advantage of the free session?(Do you know? …it will take no more than 3 offers for someone to accept).This is a great way to establish rapport with a member by enhancing their workout for Free! But, at the end of that 30min Free session many PT’s blow the sale. What PT’s get wrong is they try to ‘close the sale’ too early… Although you will have built rapport with the member, it usually isn’t enough to convince them of ‘the value of PT’ and enable them to happily pay £120-£560 for a PT package.  So what do you offer? …you then offer a Free Consultation – where you can sit down and show how you can help them achieve fantastic results in a short period of time.
    ‘Cancelled Client’ is just one of the many varied methods that we advise our PT’s to use. Marketing your PT Business using various approach techniques, along with a friendly professional attitude, will result in you generating lots of potential customers.
  • A Proven Sales Technique – a clear and concise way of converting potential clients in to paying clients, with min 50% conversion. Without additional support…
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    … this is a Personal Trainers BIGGEST hurdle because the Level 3 PT Qualification doesn’t provide new PT’s with an effective way to actually sell their service.In 2012, the ‘IFM Free Consultation form’ enabled our PT’s operating in gyms nationwide to convert over 65% of their Free Consultations delivered.  Mastering a tried & tested Consultation technique, gives PT’s the FREEDOM to choose their monthly session/earnings total.
  • IFM top tips for selling Personal Training;
    – Before you sell (Build Rapport).
    – Discuss their Goals (SMART).
    – Selling yourself (Explain the product and its benefits carefully).
    – Close the deal (Promote packages of PT).
    – Don’t sell single sessions (You’ll have a high cancellation ratio).
    – Remember what you’re selling (Yourself, Results, Service).
    – Never directly reduce your hourly rate (offer Free extra sessions).

2) Members/Personal Trainer Ratio, 400:1

Many gyms flood their facility with Personal Trainers for the simple reason that they believe more PT’s result in more money for the gym. So before you commit to a gym, it’s vital to find out: How many members it has vs. How many Full Time PT’s operate at that facility. To guarantee your potential success as a new PT, there needs to be at least 400 members per PT.

This is why we promise our PT’s that we never recruit more than 1 PT/club at a time and we always ensure a PT is established at the club (60+ sessions per month) before we recruit again.

It’s realistic to aim for…

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… 5% Penetration of the membership base, and on average you’ll need upto 20 regular clients to be a successful PT (Earning £2,000+ per month).

Not only do you need to know the Member/PT Ratio, but find out what access you have to contact their members, as some gyms don’t allow access to their membership details.

Fortunately for IFM PT’s, we have agreements in place with our gym partners to allow our PT’s to contact new and current members with phone calls and e-mails. This can play a vital part in contacting those ‘non-attenders’ who are in desperate need of a PT’s motivation.

So, APPLY NOW for a succesful PT career opportunity with IFM…

  • Choose from a variety of Gym locations across the UK.
  • Get: Established gym chains with high footfall.
  • Receive: Regular face-to-face (1-to-1) mentoring and support.