PT Testimonials

The following Personal Trainer’s are a small selection of PT’s subscribing to IFM’s support programme with great success.

Kai Smith“I joined IFM in Aug 2011 and through IFM’s 1-2-1 support I built my client base to over 100 PT sessions/month in 2012.

I’m loving the Freedom of my own successful PT Business and since becoming a PT Mentor, I also enjoy helping new PT’s to achieve the same success!”

Kai Smith.
IFM PT Aug.2011 – Present
IFM PT Mentor, West London. April 2012 – Present

Rachael Willis“Prior to joining IFM in August 2010, I’d only ever Personal Trained clients part time and that was only at their houses/in parks. I knew that I wanted to PT full time, but didn’t know how I’d build my client base within a gym.

Fortunately IFM provided me with all the essential business skills that were required to gain clients. In my first month I was shown how to generate potential clients and I delivered 18 Free Consultations… but I only converted 2! I felt like giving up, but I was reassured when I was then giving specific Mentoring on how to improve my Free Consultation/Sales technique. In my 2nd month I converted 9 out of 22, and from month 6 onwards I never converted less than 65%.

In 2011 I averaged over 80 paid sessions/month and loved getting paid for something that felt like a hobby.

In August 2011 I was promoted to a PT mentor and I now love nothing more than to help other PT’s in my region, watching them grow in to a successful PT just as I did 3yrs ago.”

Rachael Willis.
IFM PT Aug 2010 – June 2012.
IFM PT Mentor, Midlands.  Aug 2011 – Present.


Naomi Male“When I applied to work as a Freelance PT in June 2011 I was offered the job with 3 different gyms. I chose to work with IFM because of 3 main reasons that were unique from other gyms.

Firstly, they promised to teach me everything they knew regarding how to gain PT clients… and after attending their PT Business Skills day I couldn’t believe how much I’d learned. (In 2012, I won Sales PT of the year, with 96% conversion rate!) Secondly, they guaranteed lots of PT Mentor support when I started, to ensure I was on the right track. This quickly helped me establish myself in the club and led to me delivering 64 paid sessions in my 3rd month. Finally, IFM committed to helping with my continued development as a PT. They host quarterly workshops for me to attend for FREE!  I have always found that these help to inspire and refresh my PT sessions.”

Naomi Male.
IFM PT July 2011-Present.
IFM PT Mentor, South West. March 2012 – Present.


Ian Power“After becoming bored in my IT job, I took a huge career change at the end of 2011. I invested in a Personal Training course and then applied for Personal Training jobs in Norwich.

With no ‘fitness experience’ I was unsure if I’d made the right decision when I accepted a PT job with Spirit Health clubs and IFM.

The support I’ve received from IFM and my Mentor, Rachael, exceeded my expectations and aided my development. It helped me to confidently promote myself as a PT using their tried and tested methods and I soon became the ‘face of the gym’.

In April this year, my wife accepted a great job in London. IFM helped me to relocate to their Brentwood site, where I’ve since implemented their methods again and achieved the same great results.”

Ian Power.
IFM PT Jan 2012 – Present.