Client Retention for PT’s

As a Personal Trainer it’s vital that you use specific retention tools if you’re to maximise client retention. Maximising client retention starts with delivering sessions that meet/exceed a client’s expectation, along with building a strong professional relationship and ensuring that all your of clients feel valued.

However, with ever growing numbers of PT’s in the UK, simply delivering effective training sessions isn’t enough. Maximising client retention can easily be achieved by using IFM’s Top 5 Client Retention methods;

  • Agree on long, medium and short-term goals with your client before you begin the 1st session. Present this to them visually, and remind them of their monthly goal on a regular basis. This will aid their motivation and engagement.
  • Use social media to stay in touch with clients between sessions. Forming groups on Facebook and providing regular challenges help clients to feel part of something bigger.
  • Freebies! Everyone loves something for Free. Our PT’s find one of the most popular and effective is occasionally providing clients with a free portion of fruit post workout. Giving clients a banana and explaining its pre/post workout benefits will speak volumes about your passion for helping them and demonstrate that you’re not just training them for the money.
  • Host client events & socials. Group events such as Tough Mudder, 3 Peaks Challenge, or even local 10k runs all add to your client engagement and result in better retention.
  • Birthday Cards. Incl. D.O.B on initial assessment form and then note the date in your diary. When clients receive a birthday card unexpectedly from you it will add another important string to your client retention bow. (fitness related cards work best).


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