Member Retention for Gyms

It’s common knowledge that members who engage in Personal Training will stay a member for longer. However, it may only be physically possible for the PT team to train up to 10% of the membership base.

So how can PT’s still impact member retention for the other 90% of members that aren’t PT clients?

The answer can be found within the fitness industry’s biggest ever study into gym member retention, called TRP 10,000. This study is currently following 10,000 gym members before they join, through joining point, to any cancellations and re-joining.

Dr Melvyn Hillsdon is conducting the study, so we contacted him to find out what the biggest contributing factors are for better member retention.

Key points from Dr Hillsdon’s report;

  • Members are most likely to complain about;
    Car parking issues, toiletries empty, no lockers available, and equipment out of order.

    However, these ‘hassles’ rarely lead to a cancellation – TRP 10,000 study found that although members aren’t likely to complain about a lack of staff interaction, they are more likely to leave is staff don’t speak with them.
    *see Fig 1

  • The 2nd biggest factor for members leaving is staff not speaking with them (#1 is having to queue for equipment). *see Fig 3
  • Gym staff speaking with members is the biggest contributing factor to them staying at a gym.

Click this icon to view the PDF article: Gym Member Retention surveyed stats, hassles etc.*View the evidence: Click the following PDF…
IFM – Gym Member Retention surveyed stats – Hassles etc.

Ultimately, TRP 10,000 proves that members will stay longer if your staff interact with them more frequently.

Gyms throughout the UK have reported improved member retention when our IFM PT’s have been present.

To improve member retention within your gym, IFM suggests;

  • Provide PT’s with a structure that encourages increased member contact on gym floor
  • Offer PT’s example approach techniques to breed confidence with instigating conversations
  • Schedule specific times for PT’s to interact with members on gym floor, with an aim for PT’s to achieve 1 of 3 following outcomes:
    1. Make a connection & find out their name
    2. Find out their current training habits/goals then offer a 10min taster, promoting better results
    3. Book a Free Consultation on their next visit to discuss how to achieve quicker results.


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