PT Retention for Gyms

Our experience of growing the IFM business since 2010 (that recruits, trains and mentors Freelance PT’s), has taught us a lot about maximising PT staff retention within gyms.

You can’t guarantee high PT retention by simply leaving PT’s to manage their own time, or hoping the club manager will provide enough support. Whilst a club manager with PT experience can be helpful, creating a simple 3 step system will ensure your PT staff stay at your club for longer.

IFM’s 3 Step System for Ultimate PT Retention;

  • Provide Initial Training – Gaining clients is the most important factor within thefirst3months of a PT’s career, but the Level 3PTqual. doesn’t teach specific methods for gaining clients.Providing effective Business Skills Training is the foundation to a PT’s success… and your gym’s PT Retention!Our IFM 1 day Business Skills Course ‘Effectively Gain & Retain PT Clients’ (endorsed by Skills Active) helps PT’s gain up to 15 new clients within 3months.
  • Regular Mentor Support – Freelance PT’s are often left to their own devices as a gym’s management either don’t have the specific tools or time to provide effective support. Regardless of initial opinions, ALL PT’s benefit from specific mentoring. This should ideally be delivered fortnightly, but at least once per month.
  • Continued Development – Yes, a ‘fully booked’ PT will stay longer, but maintaining a PT’s ongoing learning will keep them motivated and directly improve your club’s PT Retention.The quarterly workshops that IFM provide PT’s, aids their motivation and breeds a sense of teamwork, rarely found within the PT industry.

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